About Us


Chi Delta Theta creates lifelong bonds. Throughout our active sorority days, we experience things together that bring about unbreakable bonds. In many instances, our sisters become our bridesmaids, best friends, co-workers, etc. Everything that our sorority does together only strengthens the love that we have for each other and the sorority. 

Community Service

Chi Delta Theta seeks not only to enrich our own lives, but to help enrich the lives of others in the community. Not only is philanthropy fun, but also nourishing for both the heart and soul. 

Cultural Awareness

As Asian-American women, we can never forget our roots. We seek not only to enrich ourselves with our cultures, but to educate others in the community as well. Our purpose is not to segregate, but to celebrate each other’s cultural differences. Chi Delta Theta accepts women of all ethnic backgrounds.


The sisters of Chi Delta Theta strive to encourage each other to attain a well-rounded academic standard. We are students first and foremost. It may not always be about what we know, but what we learn that will get us far in the outside world beyond college realms. Our goal is to help each other to stay on track with our education and maintain an acceptable GPA. 

Social Activity

The ability to communicate and interact with different types of people is essential to our success as individuals whether it be in school, the work world, family, relationships, etc. At the same time, Chi Delta Theta uses social activities a way to relieve stress, meet new people, and create strong bonds with other organizations.